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We are Craft Union Vintage

Our names are Janna & Will. We are a husband and wife duo selecting, restoring, and reimagining crafted garments and objects from the past and present for those seeking authenticity, a life worth living, and a job well done.

After first meeting in 2018, it was only a short time before our knowledge and ambition flourished into a perfect balance between our individual strengths, styles, and talents. Later that year, we combined our existing online shops and reintroduced ourselves under the Craft Union name.

We are passionately inspired by the nostalgia, charisma, imagination, and innovation found in the American made garments and textile history of the early to mid 20th century. Together, we gravitate towards heritage staples and one of a kind pieces that bring attention to craftsmanship, tradition, quality, and originality.


Craft Union is operated entirely by us, Janna & Will, from our humble studio in Louisville, Kentucky. After we source our wares, we clean, repair, style, photograph, sell, and ship them with close and careful attention to detail using both new and old techniques. 

Both of us have multiple years of shared and individual experience in the vintage clothing market as collectors, dealers, and resellers, and are self taught in many areas of our business such as restorations and repairs. Our professional backgrounds are in retail & operational management, visual merchandising, and photography, however, the creative direction for Craft Union can be contributed to many of our personal artistic endeavors throughout the years.

In addition to vintage, we like to incorporate the work of other artists, creatives, and businesses in our process who want to contribute in building fair and independent local economies as an alternative to other mass markets, whether that be as simple as using US based packaging supplier or as hands on as collaborating with local makers to produce a small batch of goods in our shop! We are intentional with who and what we choose to fill this space.. in a way, we see ourselves kind of like a union!

While the shop will always specialize in vintage, we strive to encourage others to shop smart according to proper fit, fibre, and origin with basic knowledge on garment care, repairs, and making investments designed to last, revolutionizing the way shoppers view their clothing.


Aside from our thoughtful selections, our customers remember us for our integrity. As small business owners, we believe ethics and morale is of the upmost importance in serving our community. By transcending our role as merchants, we see a responsibility in spreading awareness to social issues that affect consumers and producers alike in the modern textile and trade industries with an intersectional approach to fair labor and environmental justices. Our mission is not only to provide an outstanding product and service, but to inspire others in the sense that empathy and self awareness matter.


At Craft Union, you might come for the shopping, but it is our goal that you remember the experience. Call us old fashioned, but we always put our patrons first by ensuring our selection is always presented and described beautifully and accurately. Whether vintage is a lifestyle choice or something to indulge in every once in a while, it is our mission that your purchase exceeds all expectations. We believe well-loved garments should have purpose and that style is defined by the person who wears it, and it is our job to provide pieces that will enhance that connection.

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